Ep 6: Body Mapping with Jennifer Johnson

Ep 6: Body Mapping with Jennifer Johnson


about jennifer

Jennifer Johnson played as principal second violinist of the Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra and second violin of the Atlantic String Quartet from 1993-2004.

After a playing-related injury in 2004,  Jennifer studied the Alexander Technique and trained and licensed in Body Mapping with Founder Barbara Conable.  She now gives workshops internationally,  teaching musicians to move according to the design of their bodies to address and prevent playing injuries.

Jennifer has been on faculty of the  New York Philharmonic’s Zarin Mehta Program and has presented Body Mapping workshops to orchestras and festivals, conferences and music schools including the The Finnish National Opera and The Tuckamore Chamber Music Festival.  She was a keynote speaker at the Australian String Teachers’ Association 2015 Conference. She teaches ongoing workshops and lessons at Memorial University of Newfoundland, maintains an active private studio and performs regularly.

 Jennifer has written two books on Body Mapping: What Every Violinist Needs to Know about the Body and Teaching Body Mapping to Children. Her books have been translated into French and Japanese.

in this episode

It was a great treat to speak with Jennifer in person in my office in St. John’s! We explored:

  • Jennifer’s background as a violinist

  • How her search to find relief from chronic pain led her around the world and, eventually, to Body Mapping

  • What Body Mapping is and how it differs from Alexander Technique

  • How Body Mapping can help with injury prevention and rehabilitation

  • Mis-mappings”: what they are, how they occur, and how to correct them

  • How the language we use affects the brain’s relationship to the body

  • The musician as mover

  • How the quality of our movement relates to the quality of our sound

  • Myths about pain and anatomy

  • Teaching Body Mapping to children

learn more

Jennifer’s website.

Andover Educators website where you can find teachers and resources about Body Mapping.

Video of cheetah running in slow motion.

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